How to Hire a WooCommerce Expert: 8 Things to Look For



WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform for WordPress, and it powers a massive variety of online storefronts worldwide. As an open-source program, it’s also one of the most accessible options available and helps equalize the playing field between small startups and massive corporations.

However, it’s not something that you can expect to leverage on your own without any sort of experience. Using it to its maximum potential requires expert knowledge of the platform, how it works with WordPress, and what customers expect from anything made with it.

To solve that problem, you need a WooCommerce expert. Today, we’re going to give you 8 tips to help you hire a WooCommerce expert to ensure you can launch your eCommerce business without a hitch.

Let’s get started.

1: Are They Qualified?

First and foremost, you need to determine whether or not the “expert” actually has the qualifications to call themselves a WooCommerce expert. It’s easy for people to make claims and sweet-talk their way to a contract they can’t complete.

Check the expert’s portfolio, ask for samples, and generally try to get an idea of what skills they have with the platform before you commit to anything. 

2: What Type of eCommerce Shops Do They Work with Most?

ECommerce is a fairly broad range of businesses, and each type has its own needs and requirements to succeed in the larger online landscape.

General services can be great, but they have to adapt. When you’re trying to get a platform that your entire business depends on set up, you need to know that it’s going to be taken care of properly.

That often requires a more focused approach to development. Since this is something you’re going to pay for once and then just have it maintained, find an expert who works mostly with the type of business you’re operating.

 3: Look for Communication Skills

You’re going to have to communicate frequently with your WooCommerce expert to ensure you get the results you need to succeed. One thing you need to get out of the way quickly is determining how well they communicate with you.

If there are issues communicating in the early phase, it’s best to move on to another expert. The person or team you hire needs to be able to understand your vision, clearly communicate issues or requirements that pop up, work through challenges, and of course, maintain a professional and respectful attitude throughout it all.

Hiring a WooCommerce Expert.

4: How Many Projects Have They Completed?

Everyone has to get started somewhere, but that doesn’t mean you need to risk your business to give someone that chance.

The person you hire should have completed many other projects before you came to them. The more they’ve done, the better it is for you.

As someone applies their skills in a real-world work environment, they learn things that you simply don’t learn from schooling or anything else, and when someone has completed a lot of projects, you know that they have built their skillset considerably.

Of course, an extensive history of completed projects also shows that they’ve done well, or they would have gone out of business. So, that’s another benefit of looking at this detail.

5: Reviews are Crucial

Don’t just hire someone based on a list of projects and their promises. Look at the reviews they’ve gotten over their time in business.

Reviews are important for any financial decision. Whether you’re buying a new food product to try or hiring a construction team, reviews are typically the best way to see how a service performs from people who have already taken the plunge.

When looking at reviews, look for ones that provide context for any pros and cons and maintain a fair attitude. Glowing reviews that don’t say why the customer loved the service can be fake, and negative reviews that don’t provide any context could just be a problematic person complaining for the sake of it.

Treat this process like you would if you were shopping for a product on Amazon. Things should be very positive with in-depth reviews, but a bad review here and there shouldn’t be immediate dealbreakers.

Checking the WooCommerce Expert’s Reviews.

6: Do Other WooCommerce Users Review Them Positively?

One thing that is better than a normal review is a review from a peer. Did another eCommerce professional recommend them? That’s a good sign you’re making a great decision.

Not only is it a proven recommendation, but you can also ask the person questions about specific aspects of the service to get a more informed opinion. You’re not just sifting through reviews at random.

7: Do They Understand Your Business?

This ties in with our communication-based tip from earlier, but it’s a bit more specific. The expert shouldn’t just be able to communicate effectively and listen to your vision for your business. They need to have a deep understanding of what you’re looking for in general.

Your expert should understand the point of what you’re doing so their work effectively works toward your goals. If they don’t, you’ll either receive subpar service, or you’ll spend more time than what’s reasonable trying to explain yourself.

8: What Value Does Their Service Offer?

Finally, you need to determine what value they offer compared to their competition. This isn’t about price. While everyone has a budget, it’s not always best to go with the cheapest option, and going with a more costly option doesn’t always mean you get a better service.

Value is how well the price balances against what is on offer.

Will the expert fix mistakes or things that you don’t like within reason? Do they offer any special skills or insight that can help make your vision for the project even better? Are there any guarantees or special offers you can take advantage of? Those things all add value to a service.

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