10 Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Support and Maintenance Plan

WordPress is known to be a popular blogging tool, but WordPress can be used for much more than that. WordPress has an expansive plugin library that offers many other possibilities such as an online store, promotional and company websites, and much more. According to WordPress.org, 31% of the web of the web uses it and has a  dedicated community of developers and designers that continue to grow and expands WordPress’ capabilities. Since WordPress continues to create updates, it’s important to keep your WordPress website up to date for optimal performance. Installing and educating yourself on updates can be very time consuming and will add more work to your already busy schedule. To save your time and preserve your website, it may be best to invest in a WordPress Support Plan. Here are 10 reasons why you should invest in a WordPress Support plan.


  • A WordPress Site is More than just a set of files


You can upload files such  images, word documents, and pdfs to your WordPress site to share with their users; however it takes more than files to make a website. A WordPress site requires code to add functionality to the site. There’s also code to manage the styling of the website. And depending on the purpose of the website, the website may need other coding to manage the website’s database.


  • WordPress is constantly adding new features


The large WordPress community incorporates many developers that constantly create new plugins and updates. Incorporating plugins can add more functionality to your site. However, be aware of what plugins are added. Poorly programmed plugins can affect the security of the WordPress website.  


  • WordPress Security is constantly being updated


To keep your WordPress up to date, periodic updates are made to keep up with current user experience trends and be compatible with current web browsers. To keep your site secure you must stay aware of security changes or risks.


  • Uptime Monitoring is a must


Sometimes your WordPress site will go down without you knowing. If your site continuously goes down, it could ruin the reputation of your site. Performing uptime monitoring to your site monitors your site 24 hours per day. If your site breaks down, uptime monitoring will provides why your site broke down.  


  • Your Hard Work Needs to be Backed Up


Developing and designing a WordPress site can take an extremely long time to create. If your WordPress website crashes, all the time spent on it can be wasted. WordPress websites crashes are unpredictable, so it’s best to back up your website regularly.  


  • You Need to Focus on Your Business, not Your website.


Running a business can be extremely time consuming and so can managing a website. Using your time to manage your website, will take time away from you focusing on managing your business and your team.



  • Finding out about major changes ahead of time


Professional WordPress developers and designers stay up to to date with WordPress’ news and changes and they have the skills to provide you great WordPress Help. For example WordPress 5.0, brought a lot of changes to how WordPress operates and many websites had to perform changes to adjust.


  • Get Periodic Reports about how your site is performing
    Professional WordPress support plans will perform regular and scheduled scans of your website and will create a detailed report about everything. You will always be notified of any issues with your site and how they’ll be addressed.
  • You need someone that’s familiar with your site, when the unexpected happens
    Someone needs to be familiar with your site, so that in the event that it goes wrong a professional can bring it back to its former glory. All the functionality and design details will be returned. If major parts of your site are missing, it can damage your website’s traffic and functionality.  
  • Site Speed Improvements


If issues aren’t addressed quick enough, your websites speed and performance will suffer. A WordPress support plan will be able to address issues early and fix them.


Your website is an investment. It can help generate more business, present your brand with the world, and provide interaction between you and customers. It’s important to protect your investment.